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On Saturday, June 9th, I took an hour and half trip to Landmark Theater,  in Chicago all by myself.  I needed and wanted to see the documentary of Andre’ Leon Talley titled “The Gospel According to Andre”  As traffic would make me late to the 4:30 showing, I still made it in time to see the documentary.   For those of you who do not know who Andre’ Leon Tally is, let me share. He is considered a  guru  in the fashion industry and historian of style and fashion.  He has worked with a number of  people in the fashion industry such as  Tom Ford, Ann Wintour and Karl Lagerfeld  just to name a few.  In addition, for many years he worked for Vogue as Fashion News Director.  Okay enough about that … just google him already.

When I entered the theater my heart was beating so fast  because of the excitement to actually get a glimpse into this Fashion Guru’s life . I didn’t know what to expected but, here I sat with my popcorn and my  thoughts. During the movie there were many emotions I experienced. Laughing, and at times he made me think, sadness, but most of all the feeling of  being thankful . Thankful, yes for his journey! I witness a documentary that touched my soul, it made me want to fight even harder for my dream and to be proud to be who I am.

As the documentary played out and I tentatively listened, I felt his pain when others didn’t accepted him for his knowledge and was called names and made to feel less than. It would be their lack of  knowledge which caused them to  belittle him to make themselves feel good.  He held true to his faith, a lesson learned as a child. Now at the age of  68 years old, I feel like his getting ready to reinvent himself again.

He is known for his capes and caftan, which have become his coat of armor and over the years have been created to provide him clothing that will fit comfortably.  However after watching the documentary, all I could think of is the story of Tamar where she tore her garment when her step-brother raped her, and as people decided how they would rape him of his knowledge and belittle him because he is an African American male, that study French Literature and was taught by the best,  (Ms. Diane Vreeland). He decided long ago to put on his capes/ or caftan to protect his self against those in the industry that didn’t and still don’t accept him. Because of the things he can’t change about him.

I’m in awww of this movie, not because of the style and fashion but because without Mr. Talley people like Edward Enninful  would not be Editor-in Chief of British Vogue.  I highly recommend this documentary. There is so much to learn but, maybe just maybe people will see more than just a Black African American Gay Male but, and pioneer that paved the way!

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5 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist…

Okay, so every time I tell someone what I do, the first thing they say is OMG, I need to get my money together or I bet you are expensive. Well today’s blog is the 5 Reasons to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist (preferably me)!!!

#1 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist is to SAVE MONEY –  My job is to make sure you that every clothing item you have flatters you in an awesome way! Together we can make sure that the clothes you are buying and already own are the right color, style, and fit. The saving comes when you have allowed me to develop a shopping strategy that will utilize your existing wardrobe in ways that will let you focus your money on items to both complement what you have in new ways; as well as, add new items for your wardrobe to develop your new look or new vision.

#2 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist is to RELIEVE STRESS – When you hire me as your Wardrobe Stylist you don’t feel overwhelmed with what to wear and when to wear it. I pick out your wardrobe and I teach you how to match up various pieces in multiple ways that fit your lifestyle and personality.

#3 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist is to make sure your get the BEST RETURN ON INVESTMENT– Gone are the days you can wear one top and never wear it again. I’ll introduce you to quality pieces that can be used for at least three occasions with three different looks. Teaching you how to get the best out of your closet by building on what you already have and utilizing your space wisely.

#4 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist I’m a CONFIDENCE BUILDER – Let’s agree that when you hear people say, Hey you look nice or I really like that color on you, that builds your confidence and it makes you feel good. I’ll take the time to work with you to see what makes you look and feel your very best and introduce you to a few Power Colors that will give you the extra boost of confidence you can appreciate.
#5 Reason to Hire A Wardrobe Stylist is TIME MANAGEMENT – I can guarantee that I can cut 30 minutes off your dress time. No more standing in your closet wondering what you should wear.  I will show you how to identify what colors and patterns go together, compliment each other, and flow together. We’ll make your combinations look great so that you don’t have to worry about that part of your day, which leaves you time to focus on more important things.

So, for you ladies and gentlemen that think a Wardrobe Stylist is expensive, it’s actually really an investment in yourself. I love to develop and cultivate styles for my clients. It’s actually rewarding to help in this area, personally and professionally.



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What are you wearing to the Wedding?

Deciding on what to wear to a wedding can be tricky, and with the wedding season approaching,  here are two different looks that I thought would be helpful.  I found both of these dresses at a Thrift Store, located in St. Louis back in March for only $20.00.

When choosing something to wear to a wedding it should be a romantic color or soft pastel color, nothing to loud to make a statement. No cocktail dresses (unless its an after 5 wedding) Remember you are a guest and not the bride or groom.  The first choice was a peach color Maxi Dress, which I paired with Carlos Santana pumps in a pewter, along with the same color handbag. For accessories, since its already a high neck,  diamond drop earrings and bracelet.


My second selection was this Jessica Simpson floral print maxi dress. Floral prints are in this season, so picking this dress was too easy.  I paired it with a pair of Jessica Simpson nude pumps, with gold accessories.


What are your choices for the Wedding Season this year? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear about it!!

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“Calling all Fashionistas”- Celebrating You pt.2

Check it out…im featured in this blog!!


Summer fashions

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same- Coco Chanel”.  Each year there is a new “fashion trend” that tells us what we should or shouldn’t wear, what colors are in “season” and what we have to have in our closets.   Only for us to look up 6 months later and we have all this “fashionable” stuff in our closets that we scratch our head and ask, ”why did I buy that” or you realize you paid a lot of money for this piece that was so “IN” at the time and now is so “out” and you only wore it 2 times and you didn’t nearly get your money’s worth. UGHHHHH!!!!

To help us get a handle on the ever changing world of fashion and move towards being a “classy trendsetting fashionista, I reached out to fashion blogger and You Tube host of “A Better Day with Julie, Julie Hightower…

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Vision Boards 2016

Hey Everybody!!! Thought I would end this week with a little food for thought!! Have you noticed that Vision Board Parties are popping up everywhere?  I have and I truly think they are interesting.  I actually gave my very own, for my birthday last year! I would say we had a good time. (Laughing)

My purpose was to feed into those individuals that are around me everyday and actually have a conversation that would be meaningful to everyone!  Who knows what could or would come from exploring your friend’s vision for their very own lives?  I know they are tried of hearing about mine…(I’m just saying)

When God gives you a vision, I believe it’s actually your purpose here on earth. Stepping in2 Style w/Stacey is not about clothes, it’s so much bigger than’s about how can I bring out the best in someone and make them feel good about themselves, the way God intended us too!! How can I reach that young girl that wants so much more out of life then been viewed as a sex object? It is about giving my daughters (I have a new step daughter) and nieces a role model where they demand respect for themselves. Do you know that when you dress with respect, that is what you’ll get in return? I have a passion for people and doing what I do allows me to help others and I LOVE IT!!!

As I started to explore the book Habakkuk in the bible, so many thoughts came to my mind. You know if you ever sit down to read the bible,  different thoughts and ideas that drop into your spirit every single time. I wanted to share my very own thoughts and ideas and if you would like, please comment and I’ll be sure to respond. The book of Habakkuk is only three chapters but, it has a lot of meat. I have personally been doing Vision Boards for years but it wasn’t until God kept giving me the vision of my very own business that I went in-dept  with what this tool could actually do for me. I come to realize that God gave you your vision so that your focus could be on him and not of the things of this world.

When you start to think about your gifts, ask  God what you should be doing with your life. I recommend before you cut out one picture or saying follow these steps:

1. Pray

2. Read the book of Habakkuk

3. Covent people don’t wait for a call when there is a cause! Ask yourself the question, so  what cause does your vision supply?

As you beginning reading and preparing your Vision Board, here are some additional questions to ask:

1. Who will be your messenger? Are you prepared for your messenger?

2. Who will be your Babylonians?

I’ll have to tell you there will be more than one messenger and they will definitely be more than one Babylonia. Pray for your gift to be protected and continue on developing your Vision Board ( one will never be enough).

3. Will you be prepared when God wants your vision to come to pass?

Now this is the big question

4. Will you live by faith?

That even  though it will take a while to take off, will you stay focused on what God has for you? I personally know a gentleman that is in his 70’s and just sign a record deal! Are you willing to keep on believing that if it was put inside you to do, that it will come true?

Come back next week for a style with a purpose…….
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            Re-Focus On The Purpose!!! 

Today I had the opportunity to attend an event in Chicago called “The Game Changer”. When  I tell you it’s so important to step out of your comfort zone to hear something different, it truly gets you motivated to put your best foot forward. A part of me feels the need to apologize to my followers and those who have read my blog or even viewed my  social media accounts.  When I started my company almost two years ago, my purpose was to help those who are not quite sure how to package themselves in a way that moves them to the next level in their life, either by career or entrepreneurship. My passion is fashion and style by maintaing your integrity and being consistent. 

After today’s seminar, I see where I have gotten side tracked and now I need to start from scratch and be completely clear on what my purpose and passion is really about, with the prayer that I will help someone along the way.  I will continue to post pictures of clothing items but I will also keep you focus on being the best you can be, which will allow me to be a better me. Get ready because you are getting  ready to Step in2 Style w/ Stacey…because What You Wear Does Matter!!! ( Stay Tune because I’m going to explain to you why). 

This is an outfit I wore a few weeks ago, to the office. The culottes and vest I purchased at Banana Republic and Boots from Lord & Taylor’s.  When I walk in a meeting, to me this outfit says stylish and business and confident!  I can also wear this on the weekend and maintain my own personal brand with pairing it with a white t-shirt, statement neck with a Moto leather jacket and a pair of pumps!  Spring is around the corner.. Laughing out loud!!

Check back next week…..

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Chasing the Dragon…

This week has been a long week!  I started off with a head cold and had no desire to move from my couch.  I realize a few days later that I had missed out on a very important fashion debut  Who What Wear clothing line at Target (February 1st).  So on Thursday four days after the release of these clothing items, I was chasing the dragon!!!

I can’t believe these items already are out of stock  in my size and you can’t even order them online. If you are anything like me,  I’m dedicated to finding exactly what I want! You know how it is when you really want something and no store has it, there is a sense of disappointment and saddest that comes over me, what about you?

Here is a preview of the top and skirt that I have decide that I can’t live without! The sizes range from 0 to 18 and the prices are so reasonable.


Thank God, my cold is over and I feel much better. I’m looking forward to a stylist weekend of chasing the dragon and networking.  I’ll make sure to keep you all posted and maybe share some tips about this adventure!

Have a Stylist Weekend and don’t forget to check back next week. When I’ll have my outfit from Target!!! DAMN YOU…. WHO WHAT WEAR APPAREL!!!!

Style Ya Later✌️

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21 & Classy

Recently, I had the honor of styling  Ms. Jayln Snapp for her 21st Birthday! It was a lot of fun!!

Jayln has an incredible shape and I wanted her to see what it actually looked like without given up her integrity. Our shopping destination was H&M. I picked H&M because of their prices and  her age group being one of their targeted markets. This meant there was going to be something that would be suitable for her in all areas.

Jayln decided on a pair of  black Imitation Leather pants with a Patterned Blouse because she wanted a more pastel colors. I chose a belt that would show her waistline Because  Jayln is top heavy, it was important to balance her out and give her a more put together look. She didn’t need a necklace because of the hat and colored bag we found her, which served as her accessories.

I hope that Jayln has  a great 21st Birthday  with friends and family! It’s was a pleasure to include her to my fashionista client list!

Happy Birthday Ms. Jayln Snapp!

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Fix My Closet, Fix My Life!

So I have this theory and it kind of goes like this “Fix My Closet, Fix My Life” If you are anything like me, I tend to buy clothes and then forget where they are or buy the same item again. Before I started doing Closet Organizations, I spent most mornings running around looking for items. After doing all that looking for pieces of clothing, you guessed it… I’m late for work!

I decided that in order for me to have a successful day, why not organize my closet? I wouldn’t  have to hunt for what to wear everyday.  At least I would start my day off on a good note, and my boss would appreciate me being on time (laugh).

If you are thinking about doing a Closet Organization, here are a few incentives to get you started.

  1.  State of Mind. Remember, there is a reason why you held on to some of those clothing items.  I say, if you haven’t worn it or rotated these items into your current wardrobe you should get rid of them.
  2. Dedicate the Time. Making time for this project is so very important. This is something you can’t start and come back to because, honestly, it can be a little overwhelming.
  3. Evaluate your Space.  You need to measure and decide what tools will work for your space and actually get them.
  4. Take Pictures. You want to take pictures (at least three) before you start. While in the middle of the process, the most important picture is the last one. Look at all you have accomplished!!
  5.  Remove in Categories . You don’t want to be overwhelmed so a good practice is to start with shirts and then proceed (e.g. pants, dresses, skirts, etc….).

Watch this YouTube Let’s get organized, for some more tips and tools for a Closet Organization.

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